This is an ongoing project. Please help me better identify the location with names of roads and towns. If you have access to one of these cemeteries and would like to adopt it for transcription, please let me know. Please let me know your source so I can include that on the page (tombstone, published book, town record, cemetery office, etc. Send your transcriptions within email or as an attached file saved as a *.rtf, text or Word file.

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Cemetery Latitude Longitude Location
Ackiss Cemetery 330835N 0842913W Hollonville
Allen Family Cemetery
Allen-Ballard Family Cemetery
Major Bob Allen Cemetery
Anderson-McGahee Cemetery 331149N 0842552W Hollonville
Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery 331021N 0841818W Griffin South
Ballard-Greene Cemetery 330937N 0841641W Griffin South
Banks Cemetery 330322N 0842841W Concord
Baptist Church Cemetery Near Zebulon
Barker Cemetery 330041N 0842808W Concord
Beckham Cemetery 330022N 0842709W Concord
Beckham Cemetery (also known as Eppinger Cemetery)
Beckham-White Cemetery
Bennett Family Cemetery
Bethany Christian Church Cemetery Near Williamson
Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery Near Vaga Rd 5-6 mi from Zebulon
Bethlehem Bapt Ch Cem - survey 2 Near Vaga Rd 5-6 mi from Zebulon
Beulah Baptist Cemetery 330154N 0842312W Concord
Bevil-Hawkins Cemetery
Bevil-Hawkins Cem - survey 2
Blunt Cemetery 330108N 0843026W Gay
Brasselle Family Cemetery Dripping Rock Rd
Brown Cemetery New Hope Rd Griffin South
Bush Cemetery 330557N 0841641W Zebulon
Bush Chapel Cemetery 330304N 0842930W Concord
Cadenhead/Lynch Family Cemetery
Century Nelson Church Cemetery 330043N 0841614W Zebulon
Chapman Cemetery 330205N 0842341W Concord
Coggin Cemetery 330901N 0842507W Hollonville
Cook Cemetery 330627N 0841537W Zebulon
Curtis Cemetery 330405N 0842910W Concord
D F Greene Cemetery 330802N 0841655W Griffin South
Davis Cemetery Griffin South
Driver Cemetery 330921N 0842408W Hollonville
Eastview Cemetery Zebulon
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery
Eppinger Cemetery
Fairfield Church Cemetery 330924N 0842744W Hollonville
Fincher Memorial Cemetery 0842013W Zebulon
Flat Rock Cemetery 330823N 0841916W Griffin South
Flat Rock Cemetery 330903N 0842745W Hollonville
Fossett Cemetery 330405N 0842730W Concord
Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery Hwy 41 2 Mi S of Hwy 19 Griffin/Barnesville?
Friendship Presbyterian Church Cemetery on Pedenville Rd Concord or Hollonville?
Fuller Chapel Methodist Cemetery
Greene-Ballard Cemetery 330937N 0841641W Griffin South
Hale Cemetery [see Smith Chapel] 330700N 0842345W Concord
Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery 330517N 0842722W Concord
Higgins-Bagwell Cemetery
Hollonville Cemetery 330945N 0842722W Hollonville
Horton-Hutchinson Cemetery Williamson
Johnson Cemetery New Hope Rd
Johnston Cemetery Scott Rd
Jordan Cemetery
Kendrick Cemetery 330808N 0841930W Griffin South
King's Cemetery Old Cannary Rd Meansville
LaGrange Cemetery
Leak Cemetery 330103N 0842706W Concord
Liberty Church Cemetery 330144N 0842143W Zebulon
Magnolia Cemetery 330529N 0842646W Concord
Mangham Family Cemetery Lifsey Spring Rd & Roberts Quarters Rd
McElroy Family Cemetery Patton Road Zebulon
McKinley Cemetery McKinley Road
Milner Baptist Church Cemetery Milner (Now Lamar Co)
Milner Cemetery 330551N 0842336W Concord
Mitchell Cemetery
Molena Cemetery 330038N 0842945W Concord
Moon Cemetery Moon Road
Mt. Gilead Baptist Cemetery 331052N 0841758W Griffin South
Mount Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Hwy 19 S Zebulon
Mount Olive Cemetery or Here 330050N 0842838W
Mountain View Cemetery 330001N 0842326W Concord
Mudbridge Church Cemetery 330026N 0841724W Zebulon
Nazarene Baptist Church Cemetery 330055N 0841928W Zebulon
Nazareth Baptist Church Cemetery 330602N 0841716W Zebulon
Neal Cemetery 330303N 0842914W Concord
New Hope Church Cemetery New Hope Rd Griffin South
Old Calvary Missionary Church Cemetery 330430N 0842620W Concord
Old Pine Chapel Church Cemetery - African American Harden Rd Zebulon
Pine Grove Church Cemetery 331018N 0841552W Griffin South
Pitts Cemetery 331105N 0841737W Griffin South
Pitts-Green Cemetery near Gresham Rd/19S Griffin South
Pleasant Hill Cemetery - African-American 330435N 0842706W Concord
Pope-Vaughn Cemetery Zebulon
Powder Creek Cemetery 330321N 0842351W Concord
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery Williamson
Ransom-Cadenhead Cemetery
Reeves Cemetery
Rehobath Baptist Cemetery (old original site) Cataula, GA
Reid Cemetery 330557N 0841631W Zebulon
Riggins Bagwell Cemetery 330204N 0843037W Gay
Roberts Chapel Church Cemetery
Seagraves Cemetery Shackelford Rd Griffin South
Shehee Cemetery
Shivers Cemetery Griffin South
Shoal Creek Cemetery 330956N 0842658W Hollonville
Sikes Cemetery Brook Rd Griffin South
Simmons Family Cemetery Williamson-Zebulon & Reidsboro Rd
Smith Chapel Cemetery 330700N, on Hollonsville Rd 0842345W Concord or Jolly
Stribling Cemetery 330145N 0843121W Gay
Sunnyside Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery 325930N 0843107W Woodbury
Unknown African-American Cemetery
Vaga Community Church Cemetery on Vaga Road
Wadsworth-Clayton Cemetery Was Pike, now Lamar
White Plains Cemetery 325946N 0843015W Woodbury
Wilder-Vaughn Cemetery
Williamson Baptist Cemetery Griffin South
Williamson-Akin Family Cemetery
Williamson Methodist Cemetery Williamson
Wilson Cemetery 331033N 0842806W Hollonville
Wood Cemetery 330534N 0841658W Hwy 18 at Williams Mill Road, Zebulon
Zebulon Baptist Church Cemetery Zebulon
Zebulon Methodist Church Cemetery Zebulon
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