Pike County, Georgia Marriage Records, Brides Index

Abstracted from the Pike County Courthouse Marriage Books by Stephanie Bradley

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Bride's Last Name Bride's First Groom's Last Groom's First Bk/Yr Page
Yarbrough Fannie Simmons Joseph  (Colored) 1875 157
Yarbrough Lizzie Speer John A. 1880 320
Yarbrough Martha A. Wilson Augustus W. 1855 10
Yarbrough Mary Stephens Benjamin B. 1827 41
Yarbrough Mary J. Bussey Willis M. 1875 139
Yarbrough Mary Jane Jackson William T. 1853 429
Yarbrough Nancy Patton James H. 1861 146
Young Rosa E. Willis W.M. 1883 439
Young Jennie Hall Robert 1881 382
Youngblood Cynthia Tyson Lewis  (Colored) 1880 356
Youngblood Mary Ann Youngblood Charles B. 1848 293
Zelner Lucinda Bently Brady  (Colored) 1876 196

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