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Fam# Name Age S R Mar BirthPlace Fa Frgn Bir Mo Frgn Bir BirthMonth Occup Cause of Death
  District 101                    
1 Smarr, Adeline N. 24 F W   Georgia     January at home Cerebo Spinal Meningitis
13 Wilson, Mary A. 21 F W   Georgia     May at home Neuralgia of womb
17 Pitts, Findely? 1 M W   Georgia     July at home Epilepsy
87 Childs, Barber 1 M W   Georgia     February at home Pneumonia
109 Hood, Margaret 15 F W   Georgia     July at home Acute Diarrhaa
150 Harris, Charles 30 M W M Georgia     February Farm Laborer Consumption
205 Barnun, Emma 8 F W   Georgia     July   Acute Diarrhoea
231 Williams, Richard 41 M W M South Car     November Farmer Hepititus
239 Swann, Jackson 1 mo M W   Georgia     January   Acute Diarrhoea
287 Allen, John C. 32 M W M Georgia     March Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
186 Coats, Mary 27 F W M Georgia     January Keeping house Consumption
325 Parks, Stephen 63 M B M Georgia     November Farm Laborer Pneumonia
331 Hooper, John 106 M W   Virginia     January at home Pneumonia
346 Alexander, Jinney 9 F B   Georgia     January   Scrofula?
381 Beckham, Cornelia 24 F B   Georgia     April at home Tumor of womb
397 Hancock, Joel 78 M W   Georgia     September at home Inflamation Bowels
491 Jackson, Bouland 85 M W M Georgia     September Farmer Inflamation Kidney
529 Blackburn, Cilla 20 F B   Georgia     December Keeping house Inflammation Uterus
445 Manuel, David 55 M B M Georgia     March Farmer Pneumonia
577 Banks, Robert 21 M B   Georgia     January Farm Laborer Gun shot wound
580 Ward, Thomas B. 1 M W   Georgia     May   Inflamation Lungs
580 Harris, Anna 76 F W M Georgia     June Keeping house Acute Diarrhea
587 Thornton, Sarah E. 24 F W W Georgia     August At Home Typhoid Fever
592 Curtis, Elizabeth 65 F W W North Car     December Keeping house Pulm.Consum. Phthisis?
596 Strickland, Sarah 60 F W W Georgia     September Keeping house Unknown
615 Connally, Benjamin 22 M B   Georgia     April Farm Laborer Murdered, strike on neck
616 Duffee, William 72 M W M North Car     March Farmer Intemperance
656 McCloud, Henry 53 M M M Virginia     March Farm Laborer Pneumonia
661 Manley, Mary 80 F W W Virginia     April at home 1451
667 Lee, Elizabeth 40 F W M Georgia     June Keeping house Typhoid Fever
689 Collin, Minta 28 F B M Georgia     September Keeping house Hepititus
762 Jones, Emily 1 F B   Georgia     June   Worm? Fever
770 Park, Aily? 8 mo F B   Georgia     May   Teething
788 Alford, Charles 1 M B   Georgia     March   Pneumonia
790 Alford, Millie 6 F B   Georgia     October   Burned to Death
803 Cox, Harry 60 M B   Virginia     February Farm Laborer Apoplexy
841 Black, John 30 M B   Georgia     February Farm Laborer Cerebo Spinal Meningitis?
847 Bowlin, Elbert 2 M B   Georgia     May   Drowned
857 Taylor, Mary 65 F W W South Car     April at home Unknown
895 McDowell, Mary E 19 F W   Georgia     June Attend. School Hemorage Bowels
908 Barker, Henry 1 mo M W   Georgia     May   Unknown
908 Barker, Thomas 1 mo M W   Georgia     May   Unknown
936 Story, Aaron 8 M W   Alabama     December   Typhoid Fever
940 Cariker, Elizabeth 56 F W W Georgia     November at home Paralysis
967 Casseta, Elizabeth 70 F W M Georgia     May at home Cancer
1029 Britt, John 72 M W M South Car     December Farmer Gravel
1077 McDaniel, Babe 1 mo F B   Georgia     January   Unknown
1080 Neal, Elliott 2 M B   Georgia     July   Acute Diarrhea
1096 Ford, Narcissa L 27 F W   Georgia     December   [can't read]
1101 Banks, Eli 84 M W M North Car X   January Shoe Maker Conjestive of Liver
1117 Smith, Mary 68 F W W Georgia     January at home Cancer of Womb
1124 Hall, Henry 70 M W M Georgia     July Farmer Unknown
1151 Smith, Tucker 60 M B M Virginia     September Farm Laborer Dropsy of Heart
1162 Stephens, Rachell 30 F B M Georgia     July at home Consumption
1171 Jackson, Babe 1 M B   Georgia     October   Acute Diarrhea
1175 Griffin, William 1 M B   Georgia     May   Pneumonia
1224 Means, Hattie 1 F W   Georgia     October   Choera? Infantum
1244 Richards, Alford 70 M B M Georgia     March Farm Laborer Unknown
1248 Smith, Jackson 70 M B M Georgia     January Farm Laborer Unknown
1289 McKinley, David 36 M W M Georgia     January Farmer Consumption
1378 Woodson, Alexnr 18 M B   Georgia     June Farm Laborer Typhoid Pneumonia
1378 Woodson, Lewis 14 M B   Georgia     June Farm Laborer Typhoid Pneumonia
1386 Barrett, Jane 65 F B? W North Car     June Keeping house Acute Diarrhea
1396 Reeves, Babe 2 mo F B   Georgia     March   Pneumonia
1404 Gorden, Thomas 80 M W M South Car     January Farmer Dropsy of Chest
1407 Verden, Elizabeth 72 F W W South Car     May At home Consumption
1408 Elliott, Babe 3 mo F B   Georgia     October   Whooping Cough
1435 Elliott, John A 3 M W   Georgia     January   Croup
1451 Hardaway, Anna 2 F B   Georgia     October   Dropsy of Heart
1451 Hardaway, Sophia 16 F B   Georgia     January Farm Laborer Cerebo Spinal Meningitis
1451 Hardaway, Moriah 29 F B M Georgia     January Keeping house Cerebo Spinal Meningitis
1456 Rennells, John W 40 M W M Georgia     December Min. of Gospel Aneurism of Heart
1468 Thompson, Michael 10 M B   Georgia     July at home Measles
1468 Thompson, Missouri 1 F B   Georgia     July   Measles
1472 Riviere, Babe 2 M W   Georgia     September   Typus Dysentery
1486 Blacburen, Georgeann 6 F B   Georgia     November   Billious Fever
1491 Caldwell, Virginia 5 mo F B   Georgia     February   Smothered
1530 Hardaway, Babe 4 mo F B   Georgia     April   Pneumonia
1537 Owens, Babe 4 mo M B   Georgia     July   Choked
1549 Smith, Ida 8 F B   Georgia     January   Burned
1551 Oliver, Babe 1 mo F W   Georgia     September   Acute Diarrhea
1555 Bush, Violet 80 F B   Georgia     May at home Hydra Thorax
1556 Hardaway, Babe 1 mo F B   Georgia     May   Unknown
1561 Graddick, Cary? 26 F B   Georgia     October Farm Laborer Small Pox
1587 Jenkins, Babe 1 mo M B   Georgia     January   Croup
1592 Wordsworth, N+R[33]Cancy 62 F W W North Car     October Keeping house Remittent Fever
1621 Riviere, Babe 1 mo F W   Georgia     July   Remittent Fever
1645 Thornton, Cynthia 44 F W M Georgia     March Keeping house Cancer of Womb
1653 Duke, Elizabeth 18 F W M Georgia     January Keeping house Typhoid Pneumonia
1653 Duke, Babe 1 mo F W   Georgia     June   Still Born
1664 Jones, William R 62 M W W Georgia     December Farmer Apoplexy
1669 Banks, Joseph 40 M B   Georgia     July Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever
1672 Lawrance, Rebecca 50 F B W Georgia     February Keeping house Inflammation Bowels
1676 Fryer, Millie 35 F B M Georgia     March Keeping house Consumption
1676 Elliott, Hannah 30 F B W Georgia     May Keeping house Inflamation Womb
1728 Crawford, Sarah 2 mo F W   Georgia     January   Croup
1742 Green, George W 23 M W   Georgia     December Farm Laborer Gun shot
1759 Wilson, John 6 mo M B   Georgia     April   Pneumonia
1771 Simmerly, Alice 3 mo F W   Georgia     January   Hives
1792 Oxford, Tilman D 72 M W M Georgia     March Min. of Gospel Bronchitis
1794 Bailey, Fillis 19 F B   Georgia     April Farm Laborer Hepititus
1468 Thompson, Clarissa 7 F B   Georgia     July   Measles
  Barnesville, town of                    
2 Fryer, Willis 2 M W   Georgia     February   Pneumonia
2 Graddick, Mary 20 F W M Georgia     September Keeping house Intermittent Fever
3 Smith, Elvers D 3 M W   Georgia     May   Conjestion of Brain
8 Kindrick, William C/O? 69 M W M Georgia     August Farmer Inflamation Bladder
20 Hanson, Enoch 5 M W   Georgia     April   Concussion of Brain
24 Mendes, Ferdinand 11 mo M W   New Jersey     August   Conjestive Chill
25 Strothers, John W 68 M W M Georgia     May Teach school Typhoid Dysentery
38 Carter, Mary A 35 F W M Georgia     May Keeping house Chill Fever
50 Tooly, George 17 M W   North Car     October Farm Laborer Spotted Fever
53 Davenport, John A 64 M W M Virginia     February Farmer Pneumonia
74 Ware, Martha E 28 F W   Georgia     March At home Measles
89 Snyner, Norplus? 1 M B   Georgia     August   Teething
43 Lee, Mildred 4 F W   Georgia     April   Inflamation of brain

The term "Babe" appears frequently in the above records for both male and female children less than one year of age. This should probably be interpreted to mean an unnamed infant and not the given name.

The number in the first column refers to the family number in the census population schedule of the same year. This is the household where the individual lived prior to death and, in most cases, is the individual's family.

Abstracted and contributed by Barbara Smallwood Stock, CG

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