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abstracted by Barbara Smallwood Stock

Brown, Benjamin G.
Gray, James R.
Mitchell, Samuel
Daniel, Lewis
Daniel, Lewis as guardian for Thomas Daniel
Shehee, Thomas
Jackson, Samuel W.
Weldon, Isaac
Daniel, Egbert P.
Spradlen, William
Camron, John
Campbell, James A.
Cook, Wiley
Lawrence, Joseph
Johnson, Sankey T.
Nunaly, Joseph E.
Davidson, John
Hinch, Michael H.
Huff, Whitfield
Chapman, William
Nothern, Samuel
Chapman, John
Faulkner, Gilbirt
Broadnax, John H.
Broadnax, & Danielly
Farmer, Samuel
Rose, Hugh F.
Prior, Allen W.
Carrel, James
Wilkerson, James
Carrel, Leonard
Stewart, Thomas J.
Johnson, James
McBeth, John C.
Gorden, Roderick
Shehee, Sherod
Barrot, William
Cargile, Thomas
Martin, John
Wicker, James
Sterling, Wiley J.
Daniels, Federick
Merit, William
Meyton?, James
Fincher, Joseph
Danielly, Francis
Johnson, Hugh G.
Paterson, Drewry
Hurd, Hubard P.
Waller, William
Simmons, David
Simmons, David as parent for Adam Simmons
Pernell, George W.
Cochran, John
Chapman, Abner
Carrel, James
Carrel, James as agent for Leonard Carrel
Freeman, Foster
Freeman, Foster as agent for John Freeman
Heard, Wyatt T.
Rowel, Umphrey
Johnson, Nicholas
Ford, Noah
Love, Josephus
Perry, Shadrick
Davison, Joseph
Marshel, John defaulter
Goly, James defaulter
Farmer, Felix defaulter
Daniel, Lewis

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