To those of you that have endured my questions, my incessant emailing and phone calling and to those of you that have shared the research, family stories and photos I am eternally grateful, because without you, this would not have been possible, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because each of you has contributed something integral to this I cannot possibly thank you in order of importance, so please understand this list is alphabetical:

Mary Ann Byers Blessing
Stephanie Bradley
Alfred Byers
Leelan Byers
Stephen Byers
Terry Byars
Patricia Carter Cowdrey
Harlan Groover
Carolyn Black Hill
Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt
Glenda Sorrells
Tanners Baptist Church
Elizabeth Byers Thrasher

I would also like to thank the SCV,UDC, and Reenactment units that so gracioulsy volunteered their time and attendance to honor Redin.

MG Patrick R. Cleburne Camp 1361
Frankie Lyle 2074 UDC
Pollards Company 9th Georgia Light Artillery

And most especially my husband David Byers, whose love, encouragement, patience and support has kept me going through all of this.