There CAN be more than one

July 19th, 2009

Im sure a lot of us this past week were made aware of the new social networking site GenealogyWise….started by the man that started back in the 90’s.

Just as there is room on the internet for myspace and facebook, there is room for more than one site like this. Yes I know theirs has lots of bells and whistles, they indeed have more money than I. I can only hope that all our members here will utilize more than one site of this kind and wont leave AS behind :) AncestralSpace

Seems they already made a major snafu against the wrong person and have had to issue a public apology for “behavior unbecoming”, that is unfortunate in their case, but at least they “manned up” so to speak.

I am sure they will do well and if they are even half as excited about their site as I am they have a lot of expectations. At least I know I was first right? ha ha

No sour grapes here, Im proud of what I’ve done without bombarding the members with useless ads and “ways to make money” and token contests to try to get our membership numbers up and Im proud I did it alone, no financial backing from anyone…no “corporation” stuff to deal with.

I look forward to all the posts and additions our members make there, I cherish everyone because that place was built with love and a true desire to help people’s endeavors in genealogy….free genealogy.

With much love and luck in research to you all

I am humbly yours,


Genealogy volunteer work - adventure, thrills and outrage

June 27th, 2009

So this week I got a request to go photograph some a cemetery very few people (including me) know how to find lol. In my county there are two cemeteries, Ewing Chapel Cemetery and Old Ewing Chapel Cemetery. I’ve known for 20+ years that the old one was in the wood somewhere…and this was the cemetery I got a request for. Dave and I set out early early this morning to try to beat the days heat and traffic and find it. No such luck on our own, but at the “newer” one, it was evidently clean up day so we stopped and asked a group of very old men if any of them happened to know where the old one was. They did of course and told me how to go find it, it was very near and on private property. Trouble was the directions of “go up the road a piece and turn left at the telephone pole on the dirt road” wasnt quite as specific as I needed, there were several dirt roads at telephone poles lol. We went back to ask again and a very nice man volunteered to take us up there, so he got in his truck and we followed him. When we got there I was just devastated by the condition, it was so overgrown and covered in fallen trees.

There are supposed to be 12 graves there but you can only see five (I will go back in the winter and see if you can see anymore after everything has died). While Im walking around snapping pics and watching for snakes, I stopped to take a pic of a stone when I pulled the camera away from my face, out of the bottom of my eye it looked like the ground was moving….and from my knees down I was covered in about 200 yellow jackets. I freaked just a little, I am EXTREMELY allergic and have to carry an epi pen (which I had on me), but I was wearing jeans since I knew I was gonna be in the woods and calmly walked away instead of running, trying not to pee down my leg in fear (last time I got stung by just one wasp it was a disaster). I was cussing loudly and like a sailor…Dave who was over aways with the older gentleman was running to find out what was wrong and when I told him he starts quoting a monologue by our favorite comedian (Eddie Izzard) about being ‘COVERED IN BEEEEES” he was giggling and I had to laugh and it calmed me down. I had evidently stepped right in the nest, but by calmly walking away they stayed where they were. It was quite an interesting morning, but its so so so sad the condition this cemetery is in. Im going to be contacting the historical society cemetery preservation group to see if there is something that cant be done. This an album where I uploaded the pics I took if you’d like to see ……; an interesting pic is the grave for Mary Ewing, if you zoom in on the pic and look, you can see where they ran out of room for her name and put the last letter of her first name on the 2nd line of the stone.

I think Im going to get an extra epi pen for this kind of thing HAH

Old Ewing Chapel Cemetery

Are you a geocities orphan? Need free space?

June 20th, 2009

Most of us are aware that geocities are closing down their sites. This is going to displace a lot of peoples genealogy sites. In my on going effort to promote free genealogy, I am making the same offer I made when rootsweb was taken over by Ancestry. I am offering free webspace piggybacked on my AncestrallyChallenged website, that will mean your URL will be something like this (that is a website I moved off of angelfire years ago).

The person that manages the website must be able to design/upload files via an FTP program, because of security on the server it is not possible to ftp via the internet.

I will have access of course to the web page, but I will in no way up or download anything to it (I dont want anyone thinking Im out to steal files lol).

I would also like to make sure that anyone interested knows there is NO advertising on the page at all from any source at all. You are free to make your pages the way you like. The only thing I ask is that the page put a link to my site, on it, it can be any where on the page and in any format you wish, no banners required.

Anyone with questions can contact me at , and feel free to spread the word via any means you see fit.


Ancestral Space is 1 Year Old!!

June 18th, 2009

Thats right, we are one year old and still growing every day!!! June of 2008 saw my baby come to life. My wish to have a social networking site without all the “drama” of myspace that was just for genealogists came true. Many of you know it came as a result of an interview I was asked to take part in, on my opinion if Myspace helped with genealogy…which of course it hadn’t helped me one single bit, other than to identify other genealogists with the same thoughts.

My wish was not so much to be a repository for family trees via gedcom files..there are plenty of other sites that do that…my wish was for a place where genealogist could get together, brainstorm, share information, tips, tricks, news and help each other for FREE. With over 1100 registered users (and growing every day) and 40 discussion groups, hundreds of blogs and thousands of photos, AncestralSpace is carving a place out in the genealogy society that makes me proud. We have been mentioned in a national genealogy magazine, and written about in other genealogy blogs, groups, forums and mailing lists.

I grow prouder of it every day and appreciate all of the members that have gone out of their way to get others to join, sometimes getting slapped on the hand for daring to mention it in certain places. Its members like that, that will make sure we stay around and grow.

Happy Birthday to us!!! And remember, the more people you tell about its, the more people we can help!!!

Join Ancestral Space Here

Here’s to another year everyone


Dateline April 29, 1927 17 pound baby born with two teeth

April 26th, 2009

A tribute to my amazing grandmother…written by my mama

Doctors at a medical convention at the University of Georgia were called to the home of Herman and Irene Bowden to meet with the woman there who had just finished and 11 month pregnancy and given birth to a 17 pound daughter with two shiny new teeth. The daughter? Helan Carle Bowden. No one knows why Adele Thrasher Bowden decided to spell the “Helan” so differently, but to the end of her life Helan would say…that’s Helan with an “a” not an “e”. The “Carle” was for her father Carl Micajah Bowden. After such a nightmare pregnancy and birth, Adele knew she would have no more children, so this one would be given the boy’s name they had chosen. READ MORE HERE

One of the most useful links you will ever bookmark

April 24th, 2009

How many times have we run across a genealogy site that we bookmark because it has interesting and/or useful information on it? Sometimes its sits in the bookmark folder for years and we forget about it until one day, in your research, you run across something that reminds you of it and you say “oh yeah! I forgot about that site, I will go back and get that info I never copied last time I visited”? You click on the link eager with anticipation and then…you get that nasty screen that tells you the website no longer exists…at best the site is still there but the the information you were wanting has been pulled for whatever reason and you sit there with your bubble burst. Well never fear…this IS a little glimmer of hope.

It always amazes me that when someone mentions the above scenario to me and I ask if they’ve check the Way Back Machine…I get dead silence…and then…”What’s that?” Such a thing happened with a cousin last week. There was a personal site that had transcriptions of letters written home by one of her ancestors during the War Between the States, she had read them, but had never gotten around to printing them out, when she DID go to do it, the website was gone. I asked if she’d tried the Way Back Machine…and as usual, “No, what’s that?”

For those of you that don’t know, the Way Back Machine is a website that has cached versions of just about every website that was ever on the internet, and they can, in some instances go back YEARS. Its one of the greatest tools I know of especially when so many “family” sites come and go and loads of genweb sites change hands and information gets lost or removed for whatever reason.

Using what my cousin needed, here is an example, this was the original URL for the website

if you click on that you will see message “Sorry. It looks like there isn’t a page on our website at the address you requested (or it may be temporarily unavailable).”

now…if you go to and enter the url and click the “take me back” button it will take you here*/

and you can see they have cached versions of the website from 2001 to 2006. You simply need to explore each cached version to see if they have what you are looking for.

I wont say this will work 100% of the time, but more often than not it will, so its most definitely worth trying and its DEFINITELY worthy of a place in your bookmark folder!!

Unearthed caskets hold mystery bodies

April 12th, 2009

Unearthed caskets hold mystery bodies


Saturday, April 11, 2009 3:14 AM
By Dana Wilson

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio — Archaeologists found human remains inside some of the caskets that surfaced this week because of erosion along the eastern bank of Alum Creek in Delaware County, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said yesterday.

Four of the five unearthed caskets contained bones, but their identities are a mystery because no headstones or markers were found at the excavation site, said Aaron Smith, an archaeologist with the Corps’ Huntington District.

“That’s worsened, in this case, because records of the cemetery were burned in a fire,” Smith said.

The remains were buried at least 50 years ago in what was once Cheshire Cemetery, but they apparently were left behind when the Alum Creek Dam was built in 1973 and the cemetery was relocated.

Remnants of pine boxes that lined the graves were exposed along the reservoir’s shoreline, Smith said. The caskets will remain intact during the Corps’ investigation out of respect for the deceased and their families. “We’re not opening them up entirely.”

The Corps already has contracted with DeVore-Snyder Funeral Home, which is authorized to move the remains, Corps officials said.

“What’s expected is, they’ll move those remains to the cemetery where all the other caskets were moved,” said Chuck Minsker, a Corps spokesman.

The site is 2 miles north of the Alum Creek Dam near the intersection of Cheshire and Africa roads. Authorities have roped off that area, and park officers are monitoring it to discourage the curious.

The Corps plans to search for more remains in five or six nearby areas, Smith said.

Early records of the old Cheshire Cemetery were kept by a local family but were destroyed when the family’s home was struck by lightning and caught fire, said Bill Wachtel, whose grandparents lived on a farm that was across the street from the former cemetery.

The reservoir’s construction was hotly contested because it buried a lot of local farms, he said. His grandparents moved in

1974 when the area was flooded.

“I hunted all that ground up there when I was a kid,” Wachtel said. “My grandfather was probably the last one to move.”

He and his grandfather helped move the cemetery when it was relocated by the Corps, and he said he suspects that other graves haven’t been unearthed.

“There’s more there,” he said.

Just because its on the internet, doesnt mean its true

April 9th, 2009

I found this really cool site today, and after reading through it, I thought how well this applies to genealogy research. This is a site made to teach elementary school kids that just because they find it on the web, it doesnt always mean its true.

Its called All About Explorers and can be found at All About Explorers it has taken all the major explorers and written fake biographies about them, my favorites are the one for Christopher Columbus and Samuel de Champlain but actually they are all worth reading to see how these great men have been written about for the purpose of this lesson.

SO many times I have run across things in researching on line that I know for a fact are not true but still get propagated all over the place. My poor mother has been trying to dispell bad facts about one branch of her family for years, but because one person put the bad info out there online, people have taken it as gospel and posted all over the place and I’m afraid it will be a tangle that will never become unknotted…thankfully she has taken the time to document it in her files so that at least her children, grandchildren and so forth will know the bad info if and when the ever come across it.

I see this kind of thing in the family trees put up on Ancestry, there are many on there with wrong information about my husbands family, I know, I’ve done the research, I’ve disproved it, just as my mother has with her, but you’d have better luck finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than getting people to change it, because “its on the internet”.

I bet I could go right now and grab someone’s family tree, download the gedcom file, go in and mess with a bunch of stuff and add erroneous facts (just like the explorer site) reupload it, and within 6 months you’d find a bunch of people that had just taken what I’d done and posted it every place they could find that relates to that surname. Some of you are laughing, I can hear you…and its because you know I’m right.

I’m begging you, please remember, the internet is a TOOL, it is not the repository for all that is factual. Take what you find and use it to investigate on your own, if you come to the same conclusions then great…at least you will know you have the correct information, DON’T always believe that someone else’s research is right, or you will end up being one of the many causes of aneurysms around the globe.

Now, I’m going to go and try not to perpetrate the experiment I explained above

Ancestry’s new seance service!

April 2nd, 2009

THIS one made me laugh and laugh

New Seance Service

Online family history company’s April Fool’s joke gets big response

April 2nd, 2009

This begs the question…when does a joke become a lie and vice versa…am I the only one bothered by the tactics of this “april fools joke”? Especially when the president flat out says he’s making money off of it

The Salt Lake Tribune

A Provo company drove up its Web traffic significantly with a little April Fool’s joke involving President Barack Obama and 18 million users of Facebook., a 2 -year-old family and social networking company, sent out e-mails to active users of its “We’re Related” application on Facebook, the Web site that allows people to connect with each other and share information about their lives.

“Hi,” said the e-mail, “Barack Obama (Washington, DC) has confirmed you as his fourth cousin once removed.”

The e-mail mimicked those the company sends out to users of “We’re Related,” which allows customers to connect to family members via their Facebook pages.

Steve Nickle, president of, said the joke drove up traffic to the company’s Web site, where users learned the message was an April Fool’s joke.

“We already have very significant traffic,” he said. “Today we’ve had three to five times more traffic than normal.”

Nickle said that only a small percentage of people did not find the joke funny.

The company’s Facebook application has been downloaded 34 million times, Nickle said, ranking it in the top five at that site. The e-mail was sent only to those who were actively using “We’re Related.”

Nickle said the application drives traffic to the company’s Web site and also allows it to sell targeted ads.

The company, which is readying a family social networking site, provides access

to genealogy and family history records. It has run on venture capital but Nickle said the company has a positive cash flow.

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