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Collection of Free Genealogy Books

Monday, January 24th, 2011

DMK Heritage is a company that is doing a huge favor to some of us. They are automating old genealogy books, read their About Us page to see all the details.

We take each book, scan it, use a word processor to make the document searchable and put it into an easily readable “Times” font. We also index the book and provide for easy navigation in Adobe Reader 5.0 (free off the internet) and Apple (Mac) Preview.

They also offer free updates if they ever update a CD that you buy from them, you can’t get better customer service than that!!

DMK also offers a selection of small free genealogy books that you can download to your computer. Those books can be found here: You simply click on the book you want and then click download on the page it takes you too and it will prompt you to download a zip file of the edition. The books they offer at the moment are:


1. •History of Crisp Co. DAR 1916
2. •History of Washington Co. by Ella Mitchell, 1924


1. • History or Russellville & Logan Co. by Finley 1878
2. •Old Kentucky Deeds: Lincoln Co. 1779-1787
3. •Old Kentucky Deeds: Fayette Co. 1782-179

North Carolina

1. • Marriage Bonds of Tryon County NC from 1769-1870.
2. •Friends Records of Births and Deaths, Cane Creek, NC
3. •St. Bartholomew’s Parish, NC
4. •Bertie Co. Wills (1795-1840 abt.) NCHGR
5. •Bertie Co. Marriages 1762-1834 (1809-1819 missing) NCHGR

South Carolina

1. • Annals and Parish Register of St. Thomas - St. Denis SC
2. •St. James Church, Goose Creek, SC 1706-1909
3. •Marriage Notices in SC & American General Gazette
4. •Chronicles of St. Mark’s Parish Santee Circuit Williamsburg Township, SC.
5. •French & Swiss Protestants in Charleston the Santee, SC Naturalization Records 1695-96
6. •Vestry of St. Matthew’s Parish, SC 1769-1838
7. •History of Grandal Shoals (Cherokee & Union Co., SC
8. •History of Fairfield Co., SC by Ederington
9. •The Parish of St. Michael, SC
10 •South Carolina in the Rev. War. by A. Southron


1. • History of Overton County, Tenn. by Goodpasture.
2. •Reminiscences of Early Settlements & Settlers of McNairy Co., Tenn. by Gen. Marcus Wright


1. • Lunenburg County, Va. Wills 1746-1825
2. •Frederick Parish, Va. 1744-1780, Churches, Chapels, etc.
3. •Revolutionary Soldiers and Sailors for Northampton Co., VA
4. •Virginia Wills Before 1799 by Wm. M. Clemens
5. •Historical Sketches of “Old Bruton Church” Williamsburg, Va.
6. •Williamsburg Wills Abt. 1750-1825
7. •Old Surry, Va.
8. •History of Hampton & Eliz. City Co. Va. Tyler 1922
9. • Scotch-Irish in the Valley of Virginia by Waddell
10. •Some Emigrants to Virginia by W. G. Stanard

West Virginia

1. •History of Marion Co., W. VA. by Geo. A. Dunnington
2. •Sketches of Wood Co. W. VA by S. C. Shaw


1. •Scotch-Irish in America by Dinsmore
2. •Scotch-Irish in the Valley of Virginia by Waddell

The Mashburn Collection

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Many years ago, when I started doing Byers research, I had the great fortune of finding Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt.  She had started doing research MANY years ago and though we have not actually been able to meet in person yet, over the years we have shared our info and our theories.

Recently, she started her own family history site called The Mashburn Collection focusing on the Mashburns (Redin’s daughter Matilda Jane married into the Mashburn family) and I encourage everyone to take a look at her site

Yesterday she let us know that she has been nominated as one of Family Tree Magazine’s top 40 blogs for 2011 and I have to say she certainly deserves it!!  Take a minute to go over to the site and click on the vote button, it will take you to FTM’s site where you can put a check mark in the box next to her blog and vote!!

Ancestry buys Footnote

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Another one bites the dust

On September 23, 2010 I got some of the worst genealogy news possible.. Footnote had sold out to Ancestry.  This came so far out of left field I am left speechless.

Of course the press release had ZERO details on how our subscriptions to either were going to be handled and I fear for the worst.  I am SO tired of Ancestry eating up the genealogy world.  People think microsoft is bad?  Ancestry has them beat hands down.  They are not going to stop until they own the world.  I fully expect a press release one day citing that they own the word Genealogy.

Footnote was an awesome site, their images the best on the web bar none, their content saved people money all over the world and their subscription rate was well worth the price.  Now we are left to wonder if we currently have subscriptions to both, if they are going to be combined and what kind of rate hike are we in store for?

Now, more than ever, people NEED to start sharing their resources with others for free.  So many people that research just do not have the funds to pay subscription fee after subscription fee or to travel to get to the information.  If you have resources, you really should consider volunteering with RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness) and help spread the cause of free genealogy. You can go here to learn how you can help.

Georgia Death Certs 1928, 1929, 1930 online now

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Almost 2 years after the Georgia Archives put up the death cert images for 1919-1927, it has uploaded 1928-1930. Its not as easy to use as the other ones, you have to find your person on the index then go back to the search page and enter the certificate number but hey, its better than nothing!!

This is the link for the new section

Non Indexed Death Certs

Canadian Headstone Photo Project

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Great site!! Its free and its free of annoying ads, which makes it one that I think you should put on your list if you have Canadian research. Its definitely one you should donate your pics to if you have them.

Group discussion HERE

SC Archive documents online

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

I have to credit my Mama with this find, and its pretty awesome (at least for me it has been) Lots of valuable information included here. Most of my research is in Pickens County and there are several things in there referencing my people.

The documents are grouped as follows:
Confederate Pension Applications 1919 - 1938 10,242 items
Criminal Journals 1769 - 1776 2,087 items
Index to Multiple Record Series ca. 1675 -1929 173,042 items
Legislative Papers 1782 - 1866 53,489 items
National Register of Historic Places 1,415 items
Plats for State Land Grants 1784 - 1868 51,809 items
School Insurance Photographs 1935 - 1952 2,662 items
Will Transcripts 1782 - 1855 11,059 items

There CAN be more than one

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Im sure a lot of us this past week were made aware of the new social networking site GenealogyWise….started by the man that started back in the 90’s.

Just as there is room on the internet for myspace and facebook, there is room for more than one site like this. Yes I know theirs has lots of bells and whistles, they indeed have more money than I. I can only hope that all our members here will utilize more than one site of this kind and wont leave AS behind :) AncestralSpace

Seems they already made a major snafu against the wrong person and have had to issue a public apology for “behavior unbecoming”, that is unfortunate in their case, but at least they “manned up” so to speak.

I am sure they will do well and if they are even half as excited about their site as I am they have a lot of expectations. At least I know I was first right? ha ha

No sour grapes here, Im proud of what I’ve done without bombarding the members with useless ads and “ways to make money” and token contests to try to get our membership numbers up and Im proud I did it alone, no financial backing from anyone…no “corporation” stuff to deal with.

I look forward to all the posts and additions our members make there, I cherish everyone because that place was built with love and a true desire to help people’s endeavors in genealogy….free genealogy.

With much love and luck in research to you all

I am humbly yours,


Genealogy volunteer work - adventure, thrills and outrage

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

So this week I got a request to go photograph some a cemetery very few people (including me) know how to find lol. In my county there are two cemeteries, Ewing Chapel Cemetery and Old Ewing Chapel Cemetery. I’ve known for 20+ years that the old one was in the wood somewhere…and this was the cemetery I got a request for. Dave and I set out early early this morning to try to beat the days heat and traffic and find it. No such luck on our own, but at the “newer” one, it was evidently clean up day so we stopped and asked a group of very old men if any of them happened to know where the old one was. They did of course and told me how to go find it, it was very near and on private property. Trouble was the directions of “go up the road a piece and turn left at the telephone pole on the dirt road” wasnt quite as specific as I needed, there were several dirt roads at telephone poles lol. We went back to ask again and a very nice man volunteered to take us up there, so he got in his truck and we followed him. When we got there I was just devastated by the condition, it was so overgrown and covered in fallen trees.

There are supposed to be 12 graves there but you can only see five (I will go back in the winter and see if you can see anymore after everything has died). While Im walking around snapping pics and watching for snakes, I stopped to take a pic of a stone when I pulled the camera away from my face, out of the bottom of my eye it looked like the ground was moving….and from my knees down I was covered in about 200 yellow jackets. I freaked just a little, I am EXTREMELY allergic and have to carry an epi pen (which I had on me), but I was wearing jeans since I knew I was gonna be in the woods and calmly walked away instead of running, trying not to pee down my leg in fear (last time I got stung by just one wasp it was a disaster). I was cussing loudly and like a sailor…Dave who was over aways with the older gentleman was running to find out what was wrong and when I told him he starts quoting a monologue by our favorite comedian (Eddie Izzard) about being ‘COVERED IN BEEEEES” he was giggling and I had to laugh and it calmed me down. I had evidently stepped right in the nest, but by calmly walking away they stayed where they were. It was quite an interesting morning, but its so so so sad the condition this cemetery is in. Im going to be contacting the historical society cemetery preservation group to see if there is something that cant be done. This an album where I uploaded the pics I took if you’d like to see ……; an interesting pic is the grave for Mary Ewing, if you zoom in on the pic and look, you can see where they ran out of room for her name and put the last letter of her first name on the 2nd line of the stone.

I think Im going to get an extra epi pen for this kind of thing HAH

Old Ewing Chapel Cemetery

Are you a geocities orphan? Need free space?

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

Most of us are aware that geocities are closing down their sites. This is going to displace a lot of peoples genealogy sites. In my on going effort to promote free genealogy, I am making the same offer I made when rootsweb was taken over by Ancestry. I am offering free webspace piggybacked on my AncestrallyChallenged website, that will mean your URL will be something like this (that is a website I moved off of angelfire years ago).

The person that manages the website must be able to design/upload files via an FTP program, because of security on the server it is not possible to ftp via the internet.

I will have access of course to the web page, but I will in no way up or download anything to it (I dont want anyone thinking Im out to steal files lol).

I would also like to make sure that anyone interested knows there is NO advertising on the page at all from any source at all. You are free to make your pages the way you like. The only thing I ask is that the page put a link to my site, on it, it can be any where on the page and in any format you wish, no banners required.

Anyone with questions can contact me at , and feel free to spread the word via any means you see fit.


Ancestral Space is 1 Year Old!!

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Thats right, we are one year old and still growing every day!!! June of 2008 saw my baby come to life. My wish to have a social networking site without all the “drama” of myspace that was just for genealogists came true. Many of you know it came as a result of an interview I was asked to take part in, on my opinion if Myspace helped with genealogy…which of course it hadn’t helped me one single bit, other than to identify other genealogists with the same thoughts.

My wish was not so much to be a repository for family trees via gedcom files..there are plenty of other sites that do that…my wish was for a place where genealogist could get together, brainstorm, share information, tips, tricks, news and help each other for FREE. With over 1100 registered users (and growing every day) and 40 discussion groups, hundreds of blogs and thousands of photos, AncestralSpace is carving a place out in the genealogy society that makes me proud. We have been mentioned in a national genealogy magazine, and written about in other genealogy blogs, groups, forums and mailing lists.

I grow prouder of it every day and appreciate all of the members that have gone out of their way to get others to join, sometimes getting slapped on the hand for daring to mention it in certain places. Its members like that, that will make sure we stay around and grow.

Happy Birthday to us!!! And remember, the more people you tell about its, the more people we can help!!!

Join Ancestral Space Here

Here’s to another year everyone


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