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Left to Right in this photo are : Jeffery ( J.B.), Gladys, Ruby, Electra Capitola ( aka Midge ), Brinnis Lenora, Tennia Ray ( aka Tiny ) Charles ( aka Bud ), Charles and Julia sitting, Charles is holding Geneva, Julia is holding her grand daughter from daughter Midge, Ruby Jewel and the little girl directly in front of Midge is Juanita, Juanita has long been aggravated about most of her face being hidden….she says ” it was because Midge was trying to show off her skwalling baby. Juanita says Julia died shortly after this photo

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  • kathy cox:

    these are some good pictures of everyone. well take care and thanks shannon for all your hard work you have done for the byers site………….

  • Cynthia (Byers) Snead:

    This is my grandfather; Joe is my dad. I have a copy of this picture. We live in Alabama and have long been out of touch with the rest of the family. I hope to remedy that.

  • Cynthia (Byers) Snead:

    Oops I was replying to the pic of “Myra, Joe, and JT.”

  • Willoughby:

    this was taken at my parents house Im going to say in the mid 90s, my dad was the youngest child of Julia Roper.
    Charles aka Jeff aka JB is my uncle.

  • Shannon:

    Willougby, have we been in touch with each other? I don’t think we have since the only person I’ve gotten Willoughby information from is Juanita. I would love to email with you and exchange information. I have some questions and have not been able to get access to Juanita since December.

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