Introducing Amanda Byers Roper

In April 1866, Redin and Elizabeth Byers had their 4th child Mary Amanda Byers.  On September 18, 1879 Manda, as she was known, married George Roper, son of William B. and Caroline  Marian Beck Byers.  Around 1900 George and Manda moved to Franklin Co, Arkansas.

George and Manda’s daughter Julia married Charles Willoughby and one of their children was Juanita. A few years ago, right before Redin’s tombstone dedication, I made contact with a man that was friends with Juanita and recently, Juanita has been nice enough to go through her photo albums and send me some pictures.

This is Manda

This photo is of Charles and Julia Bell Roper Willoughby and family

Left to Right in this photo are : Jeffery ( J.B.), Gladys, Ruby, Electra Capitola ( aka Midge ), Brinnis Lenora, Tennia Ray ( aka Tiny ) Charles ( aka Bud ), Charles and Julia sitting, Charles is holding Geneva, Julia is holding her son Damon and her grand daughter from daughter Midge, Ruby Jewel and the little girl directly in front of Midge is Juanita, Juanita has long been aggravated about most of her face being hidden….she says ” it was because Midge was trying to show off her skwalling baby. Juanita says Julia died shortly after this photo

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