A Ghost Named Charlie

Recently Yvonne posted her ghost story on her blog I miss my Ghost and asked if anyone else had one. I had one to add, but her comment section wouldn’t allow as many characters as what I had written…so for anyone interested in the ghost that shares the house with Dave and I, keep reading :)

We do indeed have a ghost story, and I may be able to add to it in the next 3 weeks. In 2006, right after our wedding, Dave and I moved into a rental home in Lilburn (right down the street from a house a lot of our Byers family lived). It is one of those 1967 ranch houses with a full unfinished basement and we love it. When we were moving into the house, there was an item that had been left by the previous tenant, a bunch of dried flowers tied together. I would put them in a certain place and the next time we’d come in the house they would be laying on the fireplace hearth…this happened many times and I even joked to Dave that we were moving into a haunted house.

Dave travels quite a lot for work, all over the US and the World, and when he is gone, he’s gone for weeks at a time. The first few times he left after we moved in I started hearing something strange….big band swing music. Now while I do not dislike that type of music, its not something I listen to by choice. It didn’t matter what room of the house I was in, I could hear it, but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I was almost certain it wasn’t coming from a neighbor, and it sounded like it was coming from my basement, but I knew that wasn’t possible, so I pretty much chalked it up to “hearing things”

There was one November, I think in 2007 or 2008, Dave left for China. I was in our bedroom getting ready for work one morning when a framed picture we kept on his dresser landed on the floor, about the same time a picture we kept on my mirror of Dave’s grandparents fell off. I have to say it scared the crap out of me lol but I really didn’t think anything other than, dang that loud noise scared me! I went into the kitchen to fix my lunch for the day and get my stuff ready to leave and I heard another loud bang, like someone had dropped our kitchen garbage can, but the noise had been in the living room. Needless to say, I freaked, but I went to investigate and couldn’t find a thing in there that had fallen.

At work that morning I was telling my co workers about it, when it occurred to me that maybe it was a mouse, or god forbid rat. I went home with the resolve that I would check the house for “signs” of a rodent (being an ex exterminator, I felt confident I could find any if they were there). When I got home and walked in the living room, I found one of our Doctor Who dvd sets laying in the living room floor. Now this was NOT there when I left, and it was located in the middle of a shelf of dvd’s, so I know it couldn’t have fallen off or anything.

Several days of things showing up where they shouldn’t be occurred, and I never found any evidence of rodents. Then the music started again. Needless to say I became convinced we had a ghost for real. Dave came home from China long enough to celebrate thanksgiving with us and while he was home not one single thing happened. When he left a few days after thanksgiving to go back to China, it started up again.

I had gotten out the Christmas decorations to put out and worked all day on a Saturday on them. When I was finished I boxed up what I hadn’t used and secured the lid..I planned to take them back to the basement the next day. When I got up the next morning, a strand of blue garland had made its way out of that box and had “decorated” my dining room chairs (which were in another room). At this point Im getting a tad unnerved, I wasn’t scared so much, as nervous as to what I was going to run into in the house, if that makes sense.

I was leaving my house one day to run some errands and stopped to talk to the next door neighbor that was out walking her dog. I happened to mention some strange stuff had been going on and I was having trouble sleeping, and she immediately asked me did I think I had a ghost. I told her a few of the things that had gone on, but not about the music I always heard when Dave was gone, and I asked her if she knew if anyone had died in the house. She told me yep, the original owner, Charlie had died of a heart attack in the house, and then she proceeds to tell me a little about him, including the fact that he was a BIG fan of big band swing music (he must have been a fan of Doctor Who as well, because I lost count of how many times I found the DVD’s laying in the floor in front of the DVD player).

Dave came home right before Christmas and I figured it would all stop, because nothing EVER happened when Dave was home…I was wrong. Dave was at home, with a day off, and I get a call telling me that he’d come home from some shopping and found one of the dining room room chairs pulled back from the table like someone had been sitting in it (not a position it was in when he left) and a boxed up Barbie doll we’d bought for my daughter was sitting on the floor, upright, right next to the chair. AHA, I was sooo happy something had happened that he could witness lol.

I think that’s the most active Charlie has been in one specific time period, either that or I’ve gotten used to things being where they aren’t supposed to be. I’ve noticed a few things here and there, and still heard the music when Dave was gone, but to this day I’ve not heard it when he was in town.

Im not scared of Charlie, I talk to him a lot and tell him I appreciate him keeping me company and looking out for me while Dave is gone lol I just ask him not to freak me out too badly.

Dave leaves for California this coming Sunday and it’s the first time he has been gone in a year, so I’m looking for Charlie to be REALLY busy the 3 weeks he’s gone!!

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  • I think when you leave the house, you should put on the “Doctor Who” dvd for Charlie. He’s obviously tossing hints all over the place for you do it :) .

    You just can’t help but love a GOOD ghost story!

  • Trixl_g@yahoo.com:

    I would love to come investigate!!!

  • Margaret:

    Cool story! At least Charlie sounds like a nice and fun ghost.

  • Charlie sounds like a great ghost to have around…at least he isn’t “scary.” I concur with Yvonne…you should put on Dr. Who!

  • kathy:

    hey this is very interesting to me because I have had some ghost experience on top of a mountain and this is were I saw the ghost of my father and it comforted me very much. thanks for sharing this interesting story.

  • Margaret StJean:

    Loved your ghost story. I saw where Bruce has provided some family pics for you. Take care. BTW, the Archives will be open more days now.

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