We may not be Media Worthy..

But we are Worthy None the Less

Several of us have put our lives into family research, and  I don’t know if it bugs anyone else when some newspaper picks up a story somewhere about what someone has done, but it does bug me, because many of us have done just as much.  I wrote an article for my genealogy blog about how I have connected the Byers/Byars descendants and posted it here http://www.ancestrallychallenged.com/?p=281 if anyone is interested in reading it.

2 Responses to “We may not be Media Worthy..”

  • You GO girl. Your website is REALLY loaded with good information and pictures. Some of these are my direct family also.
    e.g. John & Victoria Pavlovsky
    Their son: James & Emma Johnsey Pavlovsky
    Their son: Carl Clifton & Gussie Bridgett Coulter Pavlovsky
    and ME….
    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK you are doing.

  • Shannon:

    Thank you Margaret!!

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