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John Pavlovsky

John Pavlovsky was born in in Poland in 1842.  According to the census, he immigrated here with his wife Victoria in 1872.  Among his many children were two daughters, Annie and Frances, who are connected to the Byers family.

Let’s look at two of Redin’s kids… Matilda Jane Byers Mashburn and Thomas Francis Byers (Frank).

Matilda Jane had a son named John Mashburn (and John would be Frank’s nephew)…HE married Frances Pavlovksy

Frank married Annie Pavlovsky (Frances’ sister)

So…two sisters married into our wonderful family, and this is a picture of their father


His Obituary


We may not be Media Worthy..

But we are Worthy None the Less

Several of us have put our lives into family research, and  I don’t know if it bugs anyone else when some newspaper picks up a story somewhere about what someone has done, but it does bug me, because many of us have done just as much.  I wrote an article for my genealogy blog about how I have connected the Byers/Byars descendants and posted it here if anyone is interested in reading it.

William David Byars

I got a package in the mail today from Mr. Alvin Byars (whom some of you met at the 2009 reunion when he came down from TN to meet the family and visit Redin’s grave).  In it was a little mini history on Willie and this picture of he and his wife Lavina Evett ByarsWilliam David Byars, the first born son to James Riley Byars (Redin’s brother) was born October 19 1873 and died February 26 1968. He and Lavina were married April 28, 1896 and had ten children.  Two of which, Sarah Ethel and Robert Lee died of the Spanish Flu in 1918.  The last of their kids, Annie Byars Anthony died in 2007.

Lavina & Willie Byars

Caroline Elise Watton

I’m a little late in posting this, my apologies to Elizabeth, I misplaced her email

Caroline Elise Watton (Kelly & West’s baby) was born on 8/16/2010 on Roger & Elizabeth’s 47 Wedding Anniversary


The Mashburn Collection

Many years ago, when I started doing Byers research, I had the great fortune of finding Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt.  She had started doing research MANY years ago, and is the one that had the letter written by Clovis that actually gave us a physical description of Redin.  Though we have not actually been able to meet in person yet, over the years we have shared our info and our theories.

Recently, she started her own family history site called The Mashburn Collection focusing on the Mashburns (Redin’s daughter Matilda Jane married into the Mashburn family) and I encourage everyone to take a look at her site

Yesterday she let us know that she has been nominated as one of Family Tree Magazine’s top 40 blogs for 2011 and I have to say she certainly deserves it!!  Take a minute to go over to the site and click on the vote button, it will take you to FTM’s site where you can put a check mark in the box next to her blog and vote!!

Matilda Jane Byers Mashburn

The collection of this photo completes my 7 year journey on collecting pictures of all 7 of Redin Byers children.  Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt has very kindly shared this photo of Matilda Jane Byers Mashburn and her son and his wife James Arthur & Maude Chollita Fulton Mashburn.  Matilda Jane is on the right.

Matilda Jane Byers Mashburn

Introducing Amanda Byers Roper

In April 1866, Redin and Elizabeth Byers had their 4th child Mary Amanda Byers.  On September 18, 1879 Manda, as she was known, married George Roper, son of William B. and Caroline  Marian Beck Byers.  Around 1900 George and Manda moved to Franklin Co, Arkansas.

George and Manda’s daughter Julia married Charles Willoughby and one of their children was Juanita. A few years ago, right before Redin’s tombstone dedication, I made contact with a man that was friends with Juanita and recently, Juanita has been nice enough to go through her photo albums and send me some pictures.

This is Manda

This photo is of Charles and Julia Bell Roper Willoughby and family

Left to Right in this photo are : Jeffery ( J.B.), Gladys, Ruby, Electra Capitola ( aka Midge ), Brinnis Lenora, Tennia Ray ( aka Tiny ) Charles ( aka Bud ), Charles and Julia sitting, Charles is holding Geneva, Julia is holding her son Damon and her grand daughter from daughter Midge, Ruby Jewel and the little girl directly in front of Midge is Juanita, Juanita has long been aggravated about most of her face being hidden….she says ” it was because Midge was trying to show off her skwalling baby. Juanita says Julia died shortly after this photo

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