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Annual Byers Reunion October 2010

Note from Leelan: This year some of our cousins are attending. I talked with Carroll, Lola Bell, Evelyn and Ruenell and they plan to come. They may bring some of their family also. As in the past we will have door prizes. If you would like to bring a prize to be given away. please do so.

October 9th will be Saturday week. Bring your family and lets have a good time. Reminder of 10/09/10 family event. Call all family members and have another great turn out this year. Door prize may be brought and shared for all ages.

We plan to be at Sweetwater Chapel at 11:15 AM and help setting up will be appreciated.

Birthdays & Anniversarys for October 2010

Celebrating birthdays this month are:
Emily Byers 10/11
Morgan Byers 10/30
Allison Byers 10/31

Anniversary’s this month are:
James & Lynn Daniel Briant 10/20 31 years
Martin & Ellen Eaton Hinsch 10/21 29 years
David & Shannon Bradley Byers 10/29 5 years

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