Why are we here?

Welcome to Ancestrally Challenged, hopefully a new hangout for those of you with a passion for genealogy that is as great as ours!!!! We invite you to join our DISCUSSION FORUM… who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two or meet a long lost cousin!!!

***Please note, there seems to be a *little* confusion so I want to make sure people understand, this page is not where you post information on your family or research, that needs to be done on the discussion forum that is at http://www.ancestrallychallenged.com/forum If you click on the words DISCUSSION FORUM above, it will take you right to it!!!

Why make yet another genealogy site when there are already so many out there? Well basically we wanted to make a discussion forum that was user friendly and included information on just about anything you could think of. This one is a little different, instead of having forum for surnames, we have forums for localities, there is nothing I hate more than researching the name “Adams” and having to wade through posts about Adams in Texas when I know mine were never there.

We also wanted to make sure we included easy to understand forums about how to get started in genealogy, places to locate information and what that information can tell you or lead you to.

We feel genealogy information should be shared with any and everyone we can reach. We are not in this to make money. This is a labor of love and all costs associated with it are borne by Shannon, there will not be solicitation of funds or donations for the cost of running this site at all. Commercial or Professional people are not allowed to advertise here at all, we are not looking to help people make a “profit”. The closest we will come to “advertising”, is letting people announce their Family History Books that are for sale, and debating the subscription fees for other genealogy sites.

It is our hope that you find this site useful and FUN and that you will want to make it a daily stop for your internet activities. We appreciate any suggestions you might have and even if we don’t take them, we hope you know they were seriously discussed.


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