Confederate Service Records Added

Some new PDF’s of confederate service records have been added to the AC Discussion forum Civil War Records;


A. F. Lemberger Co. F 18th Infantry

Charles Lemberger Co. D Alabama State Artillery


Alfred Mashbern (Mashburn) Co I 15th Infantry

Perry Kay Co. A 45th Infantry


Silas B. Kent 5th Cavalry & 7th Infantry

David M. Kay Co. K 1st Rifles (Orr’s)

Andrew J. Lastinger Co. H 29th Infantry

E. Allen Co.D Clinch’s Cavalry

F. Allen Co.D Clinch’s Cavalry

James Daniel Co. I 29th Infantry

James P. Harris Co. C 34th Infantry

James A. Rowell Co. F 12th Infantry

Jesse B. Harris Co. E 36th Infantry (Villepigue’s)

Jesse B. Harris Co. O Phillip’s Legion

Josiah Mizell Co. G 26th Infantry

J. T. Green Co.D Clinch’s Cavalry

Philip Cook Co. I 4th Infantry

Wesley Harris Co. O Phillip’s Legion

W. Green Co.D Clinch’s Cavalry


Henry Nettles Co. B 1st Cavalry

John B. Nelson Co. B Cavalry

M. Higginbotham Co. K Cavlary

M.Y. Higginbotham Co. K Cavalry


John Coyle Co. B 4th Cavalry


Samuel Garrett Co. F 2nd Rifles

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