Ancestry buys Footnote

Another one bites the dust

On September 23, 2010 I got some of the worst genealogy news possible.. Footnote had sold out to Ancestry.  This came so far out of left field I am left speechless.

Of course the press release had ZERO details on how our subscriptions to either were going to be handled and I fear for the worst.  I am SO tired of Ancestry eating up the genealogy world.  People think microsoft is bad?  Ancestry has them beat hands down.  They are not going to stop until they own the world.  I fully expect a press release one day citing that they own the word Genealogy.

Footnote was an awesome site, their images the best on the web bar none, their content saved people money all over the world and their subscription rate was well worth the price.  Now we are left to wonder if we currently have subscriptions to both, if they are going to be combined and what kind of rate hike are we in store for?

Now, more than ever, people NEED to start sharing their resources with others for free.  So many people that research just do not have the funds to pay subscription fee after subscription fee or to travel to get to the information.  If you have resources, you really should consider volunteering with RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness) and help spread the cause of free genealogy. You can go here to learn how you can help.

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