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How many of you know that using genealogy forums is a great way to look for and share information? Ancestry and Genforum, for example, have thousands and thousands of posts on each of them. I’m sure if you’ve ever googled the name of the person you’re researching you’ve gotten one or two hits pointing you in the direction of a forum/message board. Lots of historical society’s have on one their websites as well.

If you’ve never used one you might consider it, either to read information others have posted, or make your own post. Google crawls these places all the time, so the more places you get your queries posted the more people will find you and possibly be able to help you.

I’ve been running a “general” message board for about 3 years at and a surname specific board (Inman) Ancestrally Challenged has loads of information posted by our users in the form of obits, cemetery transcriptions/pictures, confederate soldier service records, wills etc, and ALL of it free.

You do not have to join either of these forums to read the information posted there by hundreds of people sharing their info, but if you want to post your own query, or answer someone elses you have to register. Registration is free and all it requires you setting up a username and password using a valid email address. Whether you check out these two or find others, it is an awesome way to share and look for information.

**as a side note if you register to join Ancestrally Challenged or the Inman Compendium you will not be able to post right away, to keep out spammers I have it set up to manually approve registrations after you validate your email address so be SURE to include the surnames you are researching in the box I provide during the registration process so that I know you are a real person.

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