There CAN be more than one

Im sure a lot of us this past week were made aware of the new social networking site GenealogyWise….started by the man that started back in the 90’s.

Just as there is room on the internet for myspace and facebook, there is room for more than one site like this. Yes I know theirs has lots of bells and whistles, they indeed have more money than I. I can only hope that all our members here will utilize more than one site of this kind and wont leave AS behind :) AncestralSpace

Seems they already made a major snafu against the wrong person and have had to issue a public apology for “behavior unbecoming”, that is unfortunate in their case, but at least they “manned up” so to speak.

I am sure they will do well and if they are even half as excited about their site as I am they have a lot of expectations. At least I know I was first right? ha ha

No sour grapes here, Im proud of what I’ve done without bombarding the members with useless ads and “ways to make money” and token contests to try to get our membership numbers up and Im proud I did it alone, no financial backing from anyone…no “corporation” stuff to deal with.

I look forward to all the posts and additions our members make there, I cherish everyone because that place was built with love and a true desire to help people’s endeavors in genealogy….free genealogy.

With much love and luck in research to you all

I am humbly yours,


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