Are you a geocities orphan? Need free space?

Most of us are aware that geocities are closing down their sites. This is going to displace a lot of peoples genealogy sites. In my on going effort to promote free genealogy, I am making the same offer I made when rootsweb was taken over by Ancestry. I am offering free webspace piggybacked on my AncestrallyChallenged website, that will mean your URL will be something like this (that is a website I moved off of angelfire years ago).

The person that manages the website must be able to design/upload files via an FTP program, because of security on the server it is not possible to ftp via the internet.

I will have access of course to the web page, but I will in no way up or download anything to it (I dont want anyone thinking Im out to steal files lol).

I would also like to make sure that anyone interested knows there is NO advertising on the page at all from any source at all. You are free to make your pages the way you like. The only thing I ask is that the page put a link to my site, on it, it can be any where on the page and in any format you wish, no banners required.

Anyone with questions can contact me at , and feel free to spread the word via any means you see fit.


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