Dateline April 29, 1927 17 pound baby born with two teeth

A tribute to my amazing grandmother…written by my mama

Doctors at a medical convention at the University of Georgia were called to the home of Herman and Irene Bowden to meet with the woman there who had just finished and 11 month pregnancy and given birth to a 17 pound daughter with two shiny new teeth. The daughter? Helan Carle Bowden. No one knows why Adele Thrasher Bowden decided to spell the “Helan” so differently, but to the end of her life Helan would say…that’s Helan with an “a” not an “e”. The “Carle” was for her father Carl Micajah Bowden. After such a nightmare pregnancy and birth, Adele knew she would have no more children, so this one would be given the boy’s name they had chosen. READ MORE HERE

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