Discarded memories, Family Bibles on ebay

I orginally wrote this awhile back….but a conversation about this on one of the mailing lists today was about family bibles and I thought I would recycle this for anyone that might have missed it the first time.

It occured to me today while I was posting some of these on my own genealogy forum that a lot of you just might realize what I am about to tell you. I dont know how many of you use ebay, but there are ALWAYS people on there selling old family bibles that have a wealth of information in them. I know I spent 10 years trying to track down one of my own family bibles and once I found it, of course the information in it was invaluable. While I dont really condone people making a profit off others genealogy information (I know if I came accross something like these things I would do my best to track down someone researching the family and give it to them) it would not hurt you to look on ebay for stuff like this. There are more than you might think….also remember to keep an eye out at garage/estate sales. Unfortunately non genealogists just dont realize what they are getting rid of.

If you go to ebay and just put in family bible in the search you will see what Im saying, and some of these things are not going for cheap prices!!! I have also found MANY old family photos there as well.

Just thought I’d tell everyone about that in case they hadnt thought of it :)

I am keeping a thread going on the forum of the finds I make on ebay so be sure to check it out to see if any of them could help you out!!! Some of these sellers actually tell you what listed on the birth/death/marriage pages and post pics of them, so you might want to keep this in the back of your mind next time you’re looking for a bible

Discarded Memories

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