Memorial/dedication service help needed

I have had a project in the works for a few years now….it was my goal to find out where my husbands 3rd great grandfather was buried so that I could see if he had a grave marker that notated his service during the War between the States, it took me almost 2 years to find where he was buried and he had no stone at all. I gathered all the necessary paperwork and ordered the free stone from the VA and it is back now and awaiting the monument company to install it for me.

This means I can start planning the memorial service and I’d really like to hear from people that have done this kind of thing before. I have a few ideas in my head and I have 5 months to get it planned (the service is set for September) but I REALLY want this to be something special….so if any of you out there have ever done this, or know someone that has planned one, I would really like to hear from you on what you did and how you went about it.

He didnt die in the war…he served almost the entire war and was at the surrender in 1865. He died in 1923.

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