Ancestrally Challenged is offering space for Genweb sites to move to

I thought I would put this out there, in case anyone here either runs a genweb site or knows someone that does.

I am offering space for free on my server to genweb sites that would like to move to their “own space”. The first one, for Pike County Ga is being loaded up now.

This space is being offered for free BUT, yes there are a few buts, I have a few rules about it.

1. We all know how I feel about those crappy genweb sites that dont look like they really care about themselves, the ones full of dead links, nothing BUT links and the ones that really have no information. So to move to my server for free, they must be an active site that strives to have material and files actually on the site, in other words its run by a co-ordinator that gives a crap what their page has to offer others.

2. All I ask is that the page put a link to this site on it

3. The person that manages the website must be able to design/upload files via an FTP program, because of security on the server it is not possible to ftp via the internet

Anyone interested can send me a link to the existing site and I will look at it…I know Im sounding a tad picky, but if I’m going to host it I think I have the right to require a “quality” county site smile.gif

I will have access of course to the county page, but I will in no way up or download anything to it (unless asked by the page owner) and information will not be “copied” here without the express permission of the page owner (I dont want anyone thinking Im out to steal files lol)

If there are questions please ask on the forum here

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