Endangered Gunn Cemetery, Houston Co Ga

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Gunn Cemetery

This just makes my sick to my stomach…sick sick sick, I cannot believe the city has allowed this disgrace, you can discuss it here Gunn Cemetery

The GUNN Family cemetery is located on Highway 41 in Centerville, Houston County, Georgia. The land around it has been stripped and the little family cemetery is in ruins. It is horrible to see. To make matters worse (in my opinion) those interred are relatives of Daniel Gunn, a Revolutionary War soldier given the land by grant for his service. This was one of the early settlers of the area. He operated a general store on the same road. Time deteriorates history enough, this total disregard for it speeds up the process tremendously.

I emailed the city administrator about the future of this cemetery. I have yet to receive a response.

There is a cross-road behind the cemetery named Gunn Road. We’ll name a road after you, but to hell with the graves of your family. Wow.

I have put up a page of grave marker transcriptions (the ones I could read and piece together) and photos here: Gunn Cemetery

You can see a few pics here, you can find more either on Stephanies site linked above, or in the discussion thread on AC, linked above

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