Last week, through a rootsweb mailing list, I found a very cool site. GenDisasters Events that Touched Our Ancestors’ Lives Amazingly it does not seem to be own by the generations network!!! I can’t tell you what a fantastic idea I think this site is. It gives us transcriptions FOR FREE for disasters such as earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, hurricaines, floods, train and ship wrecks and explosions. It also gives us a very good glimpse of newspaper reporting from the 1800 & 1900’s. Its VERY well organized and includes some photos of some of the disasters as well. Its great for giving researches a look at the coverage these type of events got in the past.

My only problems with the site is that is has heavy heavy advertising on it and most of these links seem to take you to pay sites such Ancestry, urging you to try their free trial, and Genealogy Bank but they do take you other places for information as well such as rootsweb, several state archives lists and wikipedia (for area information) etc.

We can only hope they continue to provide these transcriptions for free and/or Ancestry doesn’t overtake them, so make sure to check it out!!

They have a call out for volunteers to transcribe articles for them, so if you have the time to help them out make sure to visit the Volunteers page

I would like to give kudos to the person that runs this site, it’s a fantastic fantastic idea and I would like to thank them for the information being free!!!

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