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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

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Madison County, GA (genweb site)

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

For our very first spotlight, I have chosen the Madison County, GA genweb site. My mother has spoken so highly of this site and how great it is I thought it deserved to be first (cause we ALL know we should listen to our mama’s!!)

You can find the site at Madison County, GA and it is run by Jeanne Arguelles.

I am sure most of us have had our share of trying to use genweb sites to the point of migraines, but Madison is different. It’s main page is very well laid out and orderly and the information they provide online to researchers in outstanding!!! One of my favorite parts is the Letters and Memorabilia.

Having recently sat down with my mother and read copies of old letters between our family members its nice that someone has taken the time to share (and transcribe so faithfully) a part of history a lot of people don’t get to see. It gives a glimpse into the “life and times” that you don’t always get to see. The same can be said for the Oral History part as well. So many of us grow up hearing stories and we are in a day and age now that we just don’t always recognize the importance of sharing those with other researchers. Sometimes these things can give you tidbits that you will never glean from bible records or wills.

The attention paid to the Obituaries section shows a level of contribution not always found in county websites and it is a joy to search and read.

I cannot say enough about the cemeteries page….Each and every person that has contributed to it has taken the time to make notes (and add pictures when they could) that will let a person know right from the beginning if it’s worth a trip to visit for their research and/or save them the time of having to hunt things up themselves.

FREE Census records transcription and images are available…. can you believe that? its FREE to search every census the county has from 1820-1930, 8 of them even have the actual image files of the census page….that is just too fantastic.

Other records available include: Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage), Military, Bible, Court, Local History, Land Records, 1840 Tax Roll, Wills, Newspapers and Biographies and Family Groups.

This is definitely one county site that others could stand to learn from and it will be a joy to anyone researching that area and on our grading scale (1-10 tombstones, 10 being the best) we give it 10 tombstones!!!!!

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